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Manufacturing and realization of comfortable and preventive maintenance footwear.



"NANOSHOES" company is a supplier of comfortable shoes.

The Company is offering you a mutually beneficial   cooperation in the field of deliveries and services in:

Consumer goods sector for man, women and children. 

The principal advantages of “The COMFORT Health Shoes”:

  1. The price level. Our prices make shoes of the Company “The COMFORT Health Shoes” accessible but these shoes are in no way inferior to the German shoes in their quality and characteristics such as materials dressing and ware resistance.

  1. Design is always in step with the fashion trends. The well-known Italian designers participated in the new collection creation.  The collection design was been preparing during six months.

  1. The advantages of our shoes consist in its transformation from comfortable in orthopedic ones which is confirmed by certificates (shoes can be used both in orthopedic and preventive purposes).  Only few manufacturers can boast of such possibilities. You can also easily change the insole with another one without loosing the inner free space in the shoe. So you buy two pairs at the price of one.  Besides, you get a preventive insole.

The price policy.

The attractive prices of our products are conditioned by the following factor: We are working directly with the manufacturers, many years of partnership permit us to follow strictly the terms of delivery and quality of products. 

Discount system.

It is very profitable and worth-while to buy our products. The flexible discount system and cooperation conditions will not leave you indifferent.

For 12 years our permanents clients believe us, if you chose our product you will be always satisfied.