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Manufacturing and realization of comfortable and preventive maintenance footwear.

The company

The company ORTHOMODA is a largest supplier of the orthopedic footware in Moscow and five subjects of the Russian Federation , more than 7 years it acts in the footware market and now it occupies the key positions in the footware market in the orthopedic section.

The ORTHOMODA trade mark is one of the well-known footware trade marks.
In this moment the Trade Mark ORTHOMODA is spreading its area by introducing the new trade mark (sub-brand):

NanoShoes occupies the  man, women and children footware sectors;
The new stile directions of the Orthomoda brand were created by request of the market demands e in consequence it found its reflection in enlarging of the lines of prophylactic footware (style lines), models (lasts) and fashions (variety of constructions). The new directions as comfort, classics, sport, home footware are emerging.

A creative group of the 7 talented designers prepares designs of the new models of footware, considering the leading trends of footware fashion of the season to come.

Designer elaborations are studied by technologies, stylists and marcketologists. High grade specialists choose footware sketches according to the principal criteria of the consumer demand in Russia as:

- Adaptation of the fashion trends for the Russian market;
- Correlation between footware and climatic features of the country
- Convenience, reliability and comfort of new models
- Use of the high technologies.

The construction department of NanoShoes makes precise calculation of the components for each model.
Experimental department Orthomoda makes samples of the new models according to the modern technology.

The concept of sub-brands Orthomoda and NanoShoes is based on two key factors: inherited from Orthomoda multi-year experience of the orthopedic doctors and constructors in technology of production of the orthopedic footware.  Introduction of new comfort footware  width  to the Russian market.
A particular feature of the NanoShoes collection is  attention to the materials made with use of nano-technology.

The footware collections are exposed in the largest Moscow   footware fair MOSSHOES, as well as in different regions of Russia .